Do US Patients and Clinicians View “Portability Features” as Meaningful FVIII product attributes: Results of a conjoint analysis

Implications on selection of a FVIII treatment product

THSNA 2018 (San Diego, CA, March 7-10): Although the hemophilia community often views FVIII products as interchangeable, FVIII with storage flexibility may reduce treatment barriers for some patients. In a poster, presented at THSNA 2018, Neeraj and colleagues explored clinicians and patients’ perceptions about FVIII product attributes. The aim of the study was to gain deeper insights into patient, caregiver and HCP preferences for FVIII product portability (storage temperature) features and how these may be associated with the lifestyle of patients with hemophilia A.

There were 74 adult patients, 60 caregivers of pediatric patients, 40 physicians 41 nurses who completed the survey, which included 12 trade-off questions evaluating FVIII product profiles. Severe hemophilia was reported by 74%/78% of adults/caregivers; 76%/85% reported being on prophylaxis therapy. Some adults/caregivers 15%/10% reported bringing FVIII when traveling every day (15%/10%); while 58%/70% reported bringing FVIII when traveling only less than once a month. While portability attributes are not the highest ranked product features, for patients with particular lifestyles, “portability attributes” rose in importance to subgroups of responding patient’s and nurses.

This study was supported by Novo Nordisk Inc.