Improving the Lives of Women with Blood Disorders

Utilizing Science and Technology to Improve the Lives of Women with Blood Disorders

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) A session at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2015 Annual Meeting discussed new and upcoming technologies and the important role they play to improve the lives of women with blood disorders. Identifying the new technologies is important as they can be used to correctly diagnose at-risk pregnancies, including prenatal diagnosis of genetic abnormalities, support injecting treatments into the developing baby while still in the uterus, and to conduct non-invasive screening before birth. New technologies such as telehealth or telemedicine can also be used to support women with bleeding disorders. In order to maximize the use of technology to benefit women patients with bleeding disorders, the issues that affect technology development and its use in daily practice will need to be identified and addressed.