The INSIGHT (International Study on Etiology of Inhibitors in Patients with a Moderate or Mild Form of Hemophilia A, Influences of Immuno-Genetic & Hemophilia Treatment Factor) Study

Bleeding Phenotype and Baseline FVIII level in Patients with Non-Severe Hemophilia A: Results from the INSIGHT Study

ISTH 2015 (Toronto, June 20-25) An oral presentation discussing bleeding characteristics and baseline FVIII level in patients with non-severe hemophilia A was presented at the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (ISTH) 2015 Meeting. The results from the study showed that blood group O was a predictor of factor VIII levels and was associated with higher risk of bleeding in people with hemophilia. Study investigators suggest that quality of care and cost-effectiveness can be improved by changing dosing strategies based on the predictors’ blood group, age, and type of infusion.