Role of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy in Treatment of Hemophilia Patients

The Evolving Hemophilia Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy Environment: Role of Health Care Practitioners

NHF 2015 (Dallas, TX August 13-15, 2015) Individualized treatment for patients with hemophilia is very important. A session at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) 2015 Annual Meeting on the role of managed care and specialty pharmacy in treatment of hemophilia patients stressed that many groups including health care professionals (HCPs), payers and specialty pharmacies are involved in providing care and communication among these groups is essential.  The goal of the payer is to balance quality and total cost of care for patients. In order for payers to do this, they need to communicate with HCPs and get comprehensive patient information such as inhibitor status, compliance, joint status as well as treatment plans all individualized to that patient. If the specialty pharmacy has any concerns about lack of patient compliance, they should inform the HCP. It is important to remember that an extended half-life product would not necessarily improve compliance as one dose a week might still be missed.