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Evaluation Of Head Bleeds (Intracranial Hemorrhages)

HTRS 2015 (New Orleans, April 16-18) Intracranial hemorrhages, also known as ICH or head bleeds, have different classifications based upon location and may have different symptoms and treatments.


Inhibitors in Patients with Non-Severe Hemophilia A

HTRS 2015 (New Orleans, April 16-18) Patients with mild or moderate (non-severe) hemophilia A can also develop inhibitors or antibodies against factor FVIII therapy but at a lower rate (1 in every 10-20 patients) than those with severe hemophilia.


Cardiovascular Disease In Patients with Hemophilia

HTRS 2015 (New Orleans, April 16-18,) It was believed that hemophilia had a protective effect on patient’s cardiovascular health, but some recent studies suggest that patients with hemophilia might be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.