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Living with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders requires an in-depth understanding of all things blood-related: clotting factors, platelets, and more. Novo Nordisk created this website to help you in your search for the most recent comprehensive and breaking news you need.

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Bleeding disorder news and events

National Hemophilia Foundation 2018

70th NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference. Oct 11-13, 2018. Orlando, FL.

American Society of Hematology

60th Annual Meeting. December 1-4, 2018. San Diego, CA

Coalition for Hemophilia B

Sexual Health in Patients with Hemophilia; The Insights from the Patient Reported Outcomes, Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) Study

Older age, joint bleeding and joint status are related to poor sexual health in persons with Hemophilia

Burden of Comorbid Diseases in Patients with Hemophilia:

Survey shows that persons with hemophilia more frequently report hypertension and gingivitis

Understanding Treatment and Care Utilization & Perceptions of Females with Hemophilia A or B in the CHOICE Project

Survey shows Females with Hemophilia (FWH) aged 18-34 years have lowest satifaction with their hemophilia care

Study explores why only some women seek evaluation regarding their hemophilia carrier status

Individuals with a family history of severe hemophilia demonstrated higher levels of knowledge for hemophilia inheritance and bleeding risks to carriers.

A large US insurance claims database suggests a delay in diagnosis and therapeutic intervention in Women and Girls with Hemophilia (WGH)

The median age of WGH diagnosis and factor therapy initiation was 35 and 37 years old

Variation in symptoms between hemophilia A carriers during labor and after delivery can lead to different clinical presentations requiring individualized management

There needs to be increased awareness about the challenges Hemophilia carriers A can potentially experience during labor and after delivery

What are rare bleeding disorders?

Here is a fundamental primer for you, your family, or a friend who might be looking for the basics about rare bleeding disorders. Learn how the human body normaly stops bleeding, and how bleeding disorders interfere with the process.


Bleeding Disorder Basics 


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