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The Effect of Joint Disease on Pain and Functional Impairment

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) The Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) study was designed to measure the impact of pain and functional impairment on quality of life (QoL) in adult patients with hemophilia.

Numeracy in Patients with Hemophilia

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) Patients with hemophilia are often exposed to various mathematical concepts throughout their life in relation to treatment, including for example factor levels, bleeding rates, likelihood of developing an inhibitor

The SIPPET Study

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) The global SIPPET study took place between January 2010 and December 2014 with information collected on 251 previous untreated patients (PUPs) less than 6 years of age with severe hemophilia A.

Ultrasound Imaging Review

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) A study was conducted to evaluate the evidence on the value of ultrasound (US) for the assessment of joint disease related to hemophilia in affected children and adults.

Evaluating Cardiovascular Risks Factors in the Hemophilia Population

ASH 2015 (Orlando, December 5-8) In recent times, it has been shown that cardiovascular events do occur in men with hemophilia; however a new study shows the rate is indeed lower than the general population.

Women with Bleeding Disorders

NHF 2015 (Dallas, August 13-15) The most common bleeding disorder in women and girls is von Willebrand disease, an inherited disorder that is caused by a defect or deficiency in von Willebrand factor, a protein the blood needs for clotting

What are rare bleeding disorders?

Here is a fundamental primer for you, your family, or a friend who might be looking for the basics about rare bleeding disorders. Learn how the human body normaly stops bleeding, and how bleeding disorders interfere with the process.

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